Manjaro Cinnamon Switches Default Browser To Vivaldi

Manjaro and Vivaldi announced a change to the default browser for the popular community edition Manjaro Cinnamon from the open-source Firefox to Chromium-based Vivaldi. The Manjaro team is hoping that

Ubuntu Community Council To Be Reinstated

If you’ve been in the Linux ecosystem for long enough, you’ll have experienced the drastic evolution that Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has gone through over the years. From humble

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Is AMD Really The Golden Child Of Linux?

Being realistic about our hardware recommendations is critical, but we so often brush it off because we want to support the underdog or satisfy our philosophical cravings…

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Arch-Based Endeavour OS Now Has ARM Images

As more and more devices become built on ARM technology, there has been a dramatic rise in Linux distributions starting to support the technology for single-board computers, mobile, and desktop

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