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FPL is a site for the community created and maintained by the content creators and community members of the Destination Linux Network. FPL will feature content from your favorite podcasts, guests from across the open-source ecosystem and community members like Eric Londo. The diverse set of news, opinions, guides, and solutions will help us share our passion for open-source with the DLN community and open-source enthusiasts around the world.

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Contributors To FPL Include:

Eric Londo: creator and writer for Linux++. Environmental engineer with a passion in software development, the open source software community, and especially the GNU/Linux OS.

Ryan (aka Dasgeek): creator and host of the DasGeek Youtube channel and host of Destination Linux/Hardware Addicts podcasts. Ryan also researches and writes the show outlines for DL and HA.

Michael Tunnell: creator and host of Tuxdigital, This Week In Linux Youtube channel and podcast. Host of Destination Linux and editor for the show.

Marc Gilligan (Contributor): Long time Destination Linux Network community member and volunteer. News writer for FPL and contributor for This Week In Linux podcast.

Jason Evangelho: creator and host of Linux For Everyone podcast and Youtube channel. Writer for Forbes and a Linux enthusiast.

Eric Adams: Host of DLN Xtend podcast. Web technologist, Linux / open source aficionado, and all-around tech guy.

Nathan Wolf: Host of DLN Xtend podcast. Linux, fitness and vintage tech enthusiast, with an almost unhealthy obsession with the openSUSE project

Welcome Linux++ Community.

We’re so excited to welcome Linux++ writer and creator Eric Lando to FPL. Incorporating his weekly articles into the Destination Linux Network means you get deep dives into the topics, events, and headlines throughout the GNU/Linux and open-source world.

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