COSMIC Desktop gets new branding and System76 launches new Discount Sale

System76 made some waves this week with news about COSMIC, their brand new desktop environment. We don’t have an exact release date for COSMIC just yet but they have said they plan to have the first Alpha Release in late July. If you are not familiar with the COSMIC desktop well, there is a lot to be hyped about because they are writing it from the ground up and using the Rust programming language so it is not only going to have a modern look and feel, it should also have crazy performance for this new desktop. I’ll do a deep dive on the desktop when it comes out later this summer.

Since the alpha release is going to be in late July, they also announced some new stuff related to the COSMIC Desktop in preparation for the release. And that is a new branding with the new logos and all that sort of stuff for the COSMIC desktop. So here’s just a quick quote from the blog post.

Full sheet of the branding variations with a light and dark mode and the slogan is visible in the bottom section. The logo is the word COSMIC but the O is shorter in height and there is a gap in the middle at the bottom making it not fully connect. Then there is a line underneath the O. The O is in the shape of a racetrack oval.

“COSMIC makes it easy for distro developers to create the experience they envision for their users, while empowering users to curate an environment that works for them. This is the crux of COSMIC that became its slogan: Visions enacted, users empowered.”

The O from the COSMIC logo is isolated here with a tiling effect showing it repeatedly but all except for the centered instance are blended into the background as a wallpaper.

“The open-ended ‘O’ logo mark not only represents a display, but also signifies an unwavering commitment to open source, an invitation for community, and vast possibility through customization. Beneath it, the System76 blip in an orange-red gradient resembles a keyboard with customized LEDs, representing what’s possible with COSMIC.”

Now, that is the quote from System76 announcing the new branding. And it’s funny because I had no idea that this was supposed to be a monitor slash LED. It was not clear. However, it is called COSMIC. And to me, it kind of looks like a super minimal astronaut. That’s what I saw but that’s not what they meant it to be.

Well, I guess it was accidentally great in a sense because it looks like an astronaut to me but that is probably due to the context of the name COSMIC, I doubt I would see that without having that context. Let me know what you think in the comments because I’m very curious. What does it look like to you? Does it look like an astronaut? Does it look like a mouse or a keyboard and a monitor or something entirely different? Let me know in the comments.

promotional photo for the Freedom Sale showing merch as free gifts can come with an order like a COSMIC t-shirt.

System76 is also having a sale on the select products through July 9th as a celebration of the coming alpha. So, laptops are going to be discounted from $100 to $200. The Thaleo desktops are going to have $200 off. And also their keyboards are going to have anywhere between $30 to $50 off. So if you’re interested in any of those sort of things, you can check out the links in the show notes to get those discounts.

What do you think of the new COSMIC branding? Are you excited to try this desktop as much as I am? Maybe you’ve been impatient and play with the pre-alpha. If so, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below.

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