Pop!_OS: Fall In Love With GNOME Again Thanks To This Near Perfect Linux OS!

Dear Pop_OS!, you had me at hello! I’ve fallen in love with Pop!_OS and in this video I’ll show you why. If you’re not a fan of GNOME then take a look at this video and see what a few tweaks and attention to detail can do to the GNOME desktop workflow.

The window tiling capabilities of this Ubuntu-based Linux operating system and the focus on hardware enablement makes this an amazing choice for new and experienced users of Linux. From the fantastic wallpapers to the pre-installed GNOME extensions this distro takes the GNOME experience from workstation to all-purpose productivity masterpiece.

Apparently this video even piqued Michael’s interest to consider trying GNOME again so that’s saying something! 😀

This is one of the rare videos that has tempted me to try GNOME again . . . I can’t promise I will but I will admit I’m tempted. 😀

Michael Tunnell on YouTube

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