The Sudo Show: Newest DLN Podcast Hits the Airwaves

When open source technology and enterprise products combine, things can get a bit murky. Over the past two decades, open source software has proven its worth and is now utilized in one way or another by pretty much every business in existence. However, when I think back to pioneers of enterprise open source, my mind quickly shifts to two companies in particular–Red Hat and SUSE. Having bet their enterprise model on the viability of open source projects, namely the Linux kernel itself, they are truly a testament to the fact that open source software and enterprise products don’t have to be incompatible.

Thankfully, a new show on the Destination Linux Network (DLN), is attempting to bridge that gap for people who might not understand the intricacies of “enterprise open source”. Hosted by two Red Hat-ers, Eric the IT Guy and Brandon Johnson, the Sudo Show attempts to cover the vast arena of enterprise open source technology as well as important practices and philosophies like DevOps and company culture.

The show was announced earlier in June and has seen its very first episode entitled, “What is Enterprise Open Source?“. However, because the show is in early stages of development Eric and Brandon are looking for input from the open source community on the future direction of the show as well as the technologies that people would be interested in learning about from their unique perspective.

This is really exciting and a very unique idea that anyone looking to build their careers in open source software should definitely take a listen to! If you would like to learn more about the show, you can follow along with them on Twitter, their official website, and catch their podcast on any of your favorite platforms.

Below is a link to the first episode of the Sudo Show, for those who are interested:

This is an excerpt from Linux++ Issue 21

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