New Destination Linux Xonotic Server Is Live!

We had such a great time on Aug 30th at DLN Game Fest! We played some great games on Linux with the community for several hours and shared a lot of laughs and realizations that the DL Crew is even worse than we thought at gaming. One of the games was an addictive arena style FPS (First Person Shooter) by the name of Xonotic. Xonotic is a free and open source game that’s likely available right in your distros repository.

Xonotic runs on a heavily modified version of the Quake engine known as the DarkPlaces engine. If you’ve ever played Unreal Tournament or Quake you’re going to feel right at home. It’s fast paced and perfect for quick or long game sessions alike.

In fact, we had so much fun playing this game that we decided to launch a Digital Ocean server just for the DLN community! This past Sunday Sept 13th, we played with the Patrons after DL live recording. However, the server isn’t just for Patron’s, it’s for everyone!

Here are the instructions to start playing. We hope you’ll enjoy this game as much as we have and help revitalize an amazing gaming project! Here are the steps to get started:

Main Navigation Screen of Xonotic
Main Navigation Screen of Xonotic
  1. Install Xonotic (either via repository/software store in your Linux distro) or download from Additional installation instruction can be found on Xonotic’s site:
  2. Next open the game and click on Multiplayer.
  3. In the filter screen start typing: DestinationLinuxNetwork Community Server
  4. It can take a few seconds for the server to show up. Once you find it, make sure to add it to your favorites by clicking on ‘Favorite.’
Multiplayer Matchmaking Search for Servers
Multiplayer Matchmaking Search for Servers

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you inside the DLN Community Server. Please make sure to keep all conversations while you’re gaming in Discord or any other DLN community family friendly so everyone can enjoy playing the game. If nobody is on during the time you can play, it’s a perfect chance to practice against the notoriously powerful ‘Michael AI Bots’.

Hope to see you there!

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