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Manjaro ARM 20.04 Released


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I have recently become very interested in the Manjaro ARM project because I have been using it for a while on my Pinebook Pro. The new release for Manjaro ARM has me pretty excited for a variety of reasons.

The latest release of Manjaro for ARM has images for two different desktop environments: Xfce, Manjaro’s primary desktop, and KDE Plasma. These images are available for the Raspberry Pi 4, Rock Pro 64, Rock Pi 4, Khadas Vim 1 & 3, and of course the Pinebook Pro. All of these images are using a 2 partition layout and use extlinux.conf where applicable; devices that are not using extlinux are the Raspberry Pi 4 and Khadas Vims. Manjaro also announced that this image for the Pinebook Pro now mutes speaker audio when headphones are detected for those experiencing issues with that.

I’m pretty excited about this update because it fixed my dock issue that I was having. Now I can go portable or dock it on my desk to have a great experience whether portable or in an office setting, which is amazing!

It should be noted though that Manjaro recommends reinstalling these images because of major system changes between 20.02 and 20.04 to ensure a good computing experience.

If you’d like to find out more about the latest update for the Manjaro ARM project then you can go to this link on their forum for more info.

What you think about this update? What are you running on your Pinebook Pro? Sound off in the comments!