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Mozilla Brings The Privacy & Security Fire!


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Mozilla has continued to bring the heat to the competition with it’s unparalleled focus on privacy and security.

On June 4th Mozilla announced their “Enhanced Tracking Protection” by default which helps to keep sites from tracking you with an enhanced suite of protection that is enabled from the moment you install Firefox.

On June 25th Mozilla announced “Track This”¬† to help confuse the advertisers that may have collected data on you already. The concept is simple, hilarious, and something everyone just needs to do for fun. First you head to the trackthis.link website and select an alter ego. You can select from Hyperbeast, Filthy Rich, Doomsday or Influencer. Once a choice is selected the tool opens 100 tabs in your browser with random searches for advertiser to start getting a plethora of false info on you. Within a few days you’ll likely notice the ads you see have nothing to do with your actual surfing or spending habits. Of course, this will only through the advertisers off their tracks for a little while but it’s a great way to start confusing their algorithms. Track This is just a fun way to add some confusion to the predatory advertisers and it’s also a great way to get more people to know about privacy and ad tracking.

Mozilla still wasn’t done with the recent full steam ahead approach. On June 27th Mozilla¬† announced Firefox Preview for Android devices. You can start testing this now as an early adopter and if you use Android it would be a good idea to start now. The idea for Firefox Preview is to take the privacy and anti-tracking features of Firefox Focus which has limited browser capabilities and roll it all into a full fledged mobile browser. This browser promises to be their fastest mobile browser yet.

What a month it has been for Mozilla as they provide three more amazing reasons to use Firefox over the competition. The work they’re doing is not only important from a security and privacy standpoint but also from an educational standpoint as people start becoming more aware of the depths that the invasive practices of advertisers have sunken to.