Windows Users Can’t Seem to Blame Windows For Its Own Problems

You may or may not be aware but I am one of the Hosts of a podcast called Destination Linux and its a fantastic show! This past episode we had a lot of interesting discussions and one of those was related to a weird obversation we made about how Windows doesn’t seem to get blamed for any of the terrible stuff it does.

Where as in contrast, if some people find even the slightest annoyance they will yell about how bad Linux is. This is a topic that I have experienced on many occasions where people just seem to give Windows a pass even when they know its not good at all.

I thought this was a pretty interesting topic from the podcast and thought you might be interested to hear a story I gave about a time where it happened to me because it happened in such a weird way with the sillest of statements. So here’s that clip from episode 179 of Destination Linux.

Episode 179
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