Raspberry Pi goes public with IPO on London Stock Exchange

This week in Linux, Raspberry Pi went public on the London Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol RPI and this IPO was a successful one. After selling more than sixty million Raspberry Pi single board computers, they are now selling shares of the company.

… access to the public market will enable us to build more of the products you love, faster. And the money raised . . . in the IPO will support ambitions for global impact.

The IPO started off opening at 360 pence a share, with a high of 392 pence. The share price did go up and down during the day but it was all well above the set share price of 280 pence going into the IPO. I am also pleased to report that during recording of this episode, the share was selling at 420. Nice.

So not only can you buy Raspberry Pis, you can now own a piece of the Pi.

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