NetXMS 5.0.4 Released for Open Source Network Monitoring and Management

NetXMS is an open source cross-platform network monitoring tool which just released a new version this week with NetXMS 5.0.4. Compared to other monitoring tools, NetXMS is more focused on the network part of monitoring. NetXMS is capable of automatic topology detection, network maps creation, and automation through scripting. NetXMS can be used for monitoring entire […]

Linus Torvalds Merging Extensible Scheduler “sched_ext” in Linux 6.11

This week in Linux, Linus Torvalds announced he plans to merge the extensible scheduler “sched_ext” patches for Linux 6.11 even though there has been some objections by other kernel developers. For those unfamiliar, the kernel scheduler decides which process runs on which CPU core, when that happens and for how long. It also deals with […]